2017-18 Dues: Deadline October 15, 2017

Dues for 2017-2018 are $100. The deadline to submit payment is October 15. A charge for the dues has been posted to each scout's Troop Track account and any account credits have automatically been applied. Some scouts also have additional outstanding charges that need to be paid. (Many of the charges are merit badge or activity fees from Many Point. Details are provided in Troop Track.)

To determine how much you owe, see the Money Accounts section at the bottom of the Troop 3062 newsletter that was emailed to you or email me at treasurer@edinatroop62.org.  

Once you know your amount due, click here and enter it in the “Price per Item” box.

Questions? Contact the Troop Treasurer, Christina Boettcher, at treasurer@edinatroop62.org.‬