The word Okpik (ook’pic), which means Snowy Owl in the Inuit language, has identified the Winter Camping program at Northern Tier since it began in 1971. Representing innovation in the field of winter camping, the Okpik program has grown to nationwide proportions. Since October 1984, Okpik has been the approved name and symbol for the Boy Scouts of America’s National Cold Weather Camping Programs.



OKPIK MUSHER CAMP provides participants with an introduction to dog sledding. Crews spend their entire weekend with the dogs: going on runs of up to 10 miles every morning and afternoon, providing other Okpik participants with rides, feeding the dogs breakfast and dinner and sleeping in a heated cabin directly adjacent to the dog yard. Crews may also choose to add ice fishing and other winter activities to their trek. Minimum trip length: 3 nights. Minimum age is 14 by the time of arrival at base. Maximum group size 7 and minimum group size is 6. Participants will receive the OKPIK Musher Camp Award.


No trip planned for Okpik at this time.