Merit Badge Counselor

Want to become a merit badge counselor?  Thanks for your interest!  There are two ways to do this:

1) Teach a merit badge during troop meetings

This is preferred, since this is a main part of our troop programming.  Without volunteers, then our programming doesn't work.  

Fall, 2018 Tentative Schedule:

  • Second Class/First Class

Winter/Spring, 2019: Tentative Schedule:  

  • Second Class/First Class

2) Offer to teach a merit badge on your own time with any interested scouts

This way, you work at your own pace with your child or other scouts to help them advance outside of troop meetings.

Either way, here are the primary steps:

a) Fill out forms as an adult leader / merit badge counselor:

b) Coordinate yourself to teach the course (suggested best practices below):

  • Materials: Review the specific requirements for the merit badge: (
    Use the great worksheets that are available and either give each Scout a copy or make it a requirement that they go home and print one out:
  • Each Week: Guide boys through the work.  If using worksheets, ensure they are bringing them each week and filling them out.
  • Tracking: It is recommended that you take attendance each week and keep track of how they are doing against the requirements.  You will need to know this at the end to ensure they have completed all requirements.
  • Communication: Pass around a sheet to get everyone's email address.  Then send out a link to the worksheet asking them to print it out and bring each week.  A weekly email on what was covered is also a good idea, so that you can catch any scouts that miss a week.
  • At the End: Fill out a ‘blue card’ when the Scouts complete the requirements.  The Advancement Chair (Megan Oberle) has these blue cards.  They are also available online:

Thanks again for participating in Scouting!