Friends of Scouting

Welcome to the 2019 Scouting Friends and Family giving site! This is a tool to help scouting units raise money to support resources provided to them through Northern Star Council. Money goes to the Northern Star Council to support capital improvements at camps used by Troop 62.

Scouting helps to prepare young people to be leaders and individuals of strong character. Our goal is to be a positive influence on all youth in our area. Youth programming includes career exploration, team building, lifelong skills, and a wide range of educational opportunities through experiential learning.

To make this all possible, we need support from you.  Our goal given to us by the Northern Star Council is $4,500. 

Deadline to collect the money is May 15th.

Ideal people to ask for a contribution are; parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, neighbors, friends, past Boys Scouts-especially Eagle Scouts you know etc.

Checks can be written out to Friends of Scouting. Bring money you collect to Monday Scout meetings.

To make contributions online:

Thank you for your help!! You approaching or calling them in uniform greatly improves your success.

Any questions, call or email Wade Hermes at 612-868-7322.