Movie Camp 2017

This is a page made by Aditya Tulahalli to complete a merit badge (Work in Progress)

        Movie Camp 2017 was fun as usual. We had some board games, some video games, and some Movies.

People played Smash Bros as usual on the ground floor, people also played some games on their laptops. A group of people chilled downstairs and played video games on a PS3.

Unlike years past we had Mr. Lugo hooking us up with some WiFi! Which was pretty great. It allowed a group of us to play some Overwatch, and some people were relaxing just using the internet.

Lord of the rings was the binge series of choice and it played throughout the day.

This year we had the best Iron chef I've seen yet! Mr. Kellick put on a light show, and we had some pretty sweet results. Check out the troop shutterfly for some pictures,

When we left we had a standard brekfast of Nutrigrains, Sunny Ds, and Poptarts. Here's to next year!

(Also Aditya Tulahalli didn't lose his glasses)